Update - November 2017

Commercial/Industrial Property Management

Commercial/Industrial property management is a major part of our business. We genuinely pride ourselves as being market leaders in the provision of Asset/Property Management services for commercial/industrial property. Both Luke Horton and Graeme Garrett, the business owners have a strong ‘hands-on’ commitment to the service delivery and advice.

Commercial/Industrial property management is one of the core fundamentals of our business along with sales and leasing and is treated accordingly.

We enjoy a high degree of trust and full confidence from our current clients. Our management portfolio comprises of over 600 tenancies, with an approximate gross rental income stream in excess of $13 million PA.

Our management team includes Ben Allison, with 13 years’ experience, Luke Horton and Graeme Garrett with a combined 46 years’ experience, with further support by our secretarial and administration staff.

Professional management of property assets makes more than just economic sense, it is essential in maximising the return on your investment. In our experience, a well-managed property can consistently achieve higher rentals and maintain occupancy levels.

Why do people have their property managed ?

Investment in commercial property can be a productive and rewarding experience, but not all investors understand the true complexity of managing commercial property.

Successful commercial property investment involves a high degree of industry knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation that only a professional commercial manager can offer.

Here are several reasons to use a commercial property manager to maximise your investment’s potential.

  1. The legislation regarding rent, leasing and tenancies is complicated. It’s vital to get it right. Non-compliance, even when accidental, can lead to conflict, disputes, fines and even court cases.
  2. Tenant selection, through background, financial and ID checks are essential. We have excellent systems and reference tools to filter the most suitable tenants.
  3. Collecting the rent on a regular basis to maintain cash flow is very important and requires a high level of attention.
  4. Maintaining the property by ensuring prompt reaction to repairs, inspections and using a network of reliable, qualified professionals and tradespersons.
  5. Meeting safety standards including Fire Compliance, Asbestos legislation, backflow prevention testing, hazardous materials storage, ensuring all tenants and trades maintain insurances and, specifically with works to be undertaken, provide workplace safety statements to minimise the risk to owners.
  6. We maintain a stringent database to keep on top of rental reviews & lease expiries to ensure the property is leased as often as possible for as long as possible for as much as possible.
  7. An arm’s length relationship with your tenant, knowing things are being dealt with competently allowing you to concentrate on your other priorities.

Who do you manage property for ? 

We manage property for mum and dad investors, self-managed superannuation funds, property trusts, business professionals, interstate and overseas owners. Our portfolio comprises retail shops, offices, bulky good premises, industrial complexes, warehouses, medical centres and government occupied buildings, in the Port Macquarie Hastings region.

Are you looking for property to manage ?

We are always looking for more commercial property to manage and have systems in place and the resources available to take on more property with ease. We welcome the opportunity to review potential management listings and provide advice. Please call our office today on 6584 0544 for assistance with your commercial asset management requirements.