Asset Management

Commercial asset management is a specialised area within the property sector requiring its own unique skill set, expertise and understanding.

These specialised properties can be retail, commercial or industrial and have become sought after by sophisticated investors looking to achieve higher returns.   They also have an appreciation for the fact that their tenants are private business operators/corporations rather than individuals who occupy the more traditional residential investments.

To ensure that their property asset is managed effectively commercial owners seek sound advice from industry specialists.

The principal objective of the managing agent to is ensure that the owner’s interests are protected and, at the same time, that the fabric of the building is maintained in a proper state of repair.

In order to achieve the best results the managing agent needs to have harmonious relationships with contractors, the public and the business community and consults as required with professional advisors on the owner’s behalf.  The agent also represents the owner in all dealings with the tenants, ensuring compliance with the terms of the lease, negotiates terms and conditions for lease renewals, exercise of options or extensions of current leases and handles the leasing process should any vacancies arise.

Collection of rent and all other monies due under the lease as well as arrears management and arranging audited statements of outgoings and payment of accounts for the operating expenses of the properties are also duties of the managing agent.

Our team are constantly upgrading their knowledge under the statutory requirement for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) thus ensuring that they are fully aware of current obligations.

The Raine & Horne Commercial asset management team is dedicated to achieving the maximum net income from the properties that we manage thereby ensuring that our owners’ investments realise or maintain the highest possible value.

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