Proactive Property Management


We do more than just collect rents and pay bills. In order to cater to our clients requirements and investment needs, our highly experienced property management team can give our clients recommendations based on first hand knowledge of the asset and marketplace.  We will provide the most personal, proactive and comprehensive asset management services to ensure the best outcome for your property investment.

The Benefits:

  • Asset Optimisation – Get the most out of your investment.
  • Effective tailored management solutions
  • Knowledge of comparable prices in the vicinity
  • Total control & distribution of outgoings and expenses.
  • Experience, specialized, knowledgeable and focused Asset Managers.
  • Continually strive to increase the value of our client’s investment
  • Reduce vacancy
  • Strong commitment to achieving premium results for our clients
  • 26 specialist staff across our related agencies working collaboratively to achieve the best possible results for our clients and customers

Our team manage a diverse range of property which includes Medical Centres, Retail and Office buildings, Banks & several Blue Chip tenancies.

WHAT WE DO As Your Managing Agents

Our proactive management services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Prompt rental collection
  • Collection of outgoings as per the lease when applicable
  • Negotiating market rents and/or new leases – ensuring minimal vacancies & maximizing return on investments for our clients
  • Act promptly to address any breach of the lease term & conditions
  • Provide monthly tax invoices to tenants
  • Acting on any arrears daily
  • Advise of and enforce any increases in accordance with the lease
  • Act promptly upon re-leasing of properties, minimizing vacancy
  • Arranging lease documentation as required
  • Ensure that the property’s common areas (stairwells etc.) are being maintained
  • Direct transfers of funds to nominated bank account  
  • Check that all terms and conditions of the lease are being obeyed and take action should they be breached
  • Conduct final inspections and allocated Bonds/Guarantees accordingly
  • Provide regular, clear and accurate reports including detailing Goods & Services Taxes both collected and paid
  • Payment of rates and/or insurances
  • Staying informed of changes to legislation that effect commercial leasing
  • Understanding property trends  
  • Utilise an industry leading property management software program
  • Conduct periodic property inspections, provide reports and go forward a recommendation

Contact our Directors or Senior Property Managers to discuss how you can maximise your returns with our Proactive Property Management Services.