About Us

Speacialists in Retail Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are the most dynamic property investment and effective management is crucial to their success.  This is why Raine & Horne Commercial Retail Services comprises of a team of dedicated shopping centre specialists.

Whether an investment owner is looking to fill a vacancy, evaluate the opportunity to redevelop their retail centre, or to expand to meet demand in response to changing retail trends, the principles of a sound retail leasing strategy apply.

At Raine & Horne Commercial Retail Services we have the knowledge, experience and ability in research and feasibility analysis, the process of determining the level of demand, tenancy mix planning, effective leasing and coordination of occupancy.

Shopping Centre Management

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and an ability to provide an informed and pro-active service to our clients, assuring that the management of their centre will continue at the highest possible standard.  Through effective property management we aim to deliver strategies that continually deliver improvements in asset performance.  Using a balanced approach we can provide owners with a maximum return on their investment while minimising level of risk and cost.

The principal concerns of the Centre Manager are to ensure that the owner’s interest in the property is protected, the building and services are maintained in a proper state of repair, and that the centre presents itself as an inviting destination for shoppers.

Retaining tenants is an obvious strategy for the success of the investment.  In competitive markets, tenant satisfaction is paramount and maintenance of the shopping centre environment is a major contributor to this.

Constantly improving rental stream, ongoing maintenance, control of outgoings and detail reporting are our key areas of expertise. 


At Raine & Horne Commercial Retail Services we are able to balance flexibility in lease terms and conditions with regard to investment performance and the achievement of long term mutually beneficial outcomes for both the Lessor and Lessee.

Our retail leasing specialists use a wealth of experience and extensive contacts with both national and independent retailers, to create an enjoyable shopping centre experience for shoppers and a productive and profitable centre for the owners.  Our centre managers and leasing team work in conjunction, to ensure vacant properties are re-leased in an optimum time frame.


Shopping centres and other large-scale retail properties are distinctly different from all other commercial and industrial properties.   Part of that distinction is that their occupiers rely heavily upon marketing elements to attract customers.

Effective and cost efficient marketing of our shopping centres is a high priority and is unique to this type of investment.  At Raine & Horne Commercial Retail Services, we have the resources and understanding required to implement a marketing program suited to progressive shopping centres.


It is imperative in all investment strategies to have the facility to increase or ultimately rationalise your portfolio.  Raine & Horne Commercial Retail Services have the expertise to ensure that any changes to your property holdings are handled smoothly and enable you to maximise the realisation of any decision to dispense of assets.


Our knowledge, experience and ability assist in the process of determining the level of demand, tenancy mix planning, effective leasing and coordination of occupancy.  We can undertake situation analysis on external factors including industry analysis, trade area influences, demographics and competitive influences relating back to the internal environment.

We aim to exceed your expectations!