Guaranteed to beat
the industry averages.

Imagine technology so smart, that it knows what your buyers and lessees are looking for before they do! Imagine no more.

Amplify our unique social and search marketing tool puts your property in front of buyers and lessees no other agent can reach.

Find the right clients.
Get the best price.

These days almost every active property search begins online. But sometimes, the person who’ll pay the best price, isn’t even looking. That’s what makes Amplify so smart.

A powerful new technology, Amplify creates multiple ads for your property, and displays them to precision targeted audiences via Instagram, Facebook and through Google’s ad network, where they really stand out.

With 17 million Facebook users in Australia, 9 million on Instagram and 40,000 searches on Google a second globally, your property can reach potential buyers and lessees like never before. By generating more interest in your listing, Amplify can help you get the best result.

Always the
right message.

Amplify creates up to 72 different versions of your property, tailoring hero messages and images to appeal to specific audiences.

Got a state of the art office space? Amplify goes after business savvy people. A big warehouse? Amplify looks for people who need the space.

With ads served on social media and cleverly targeted through Google’s ad network, your property is the star, not up against rival properties.

It’s a match.
The science behind the magic.

Amplify uses the power of AI to interpret data from Google, Facebook, and Instagram and match potential audiences to your property based on their location, interests and online behaviour.

It then displays the version of your ad most relevant to them, with a direct link to your property ad on

Learning and adapting.

Like any marketing campaign, Amplify can adapt to suit the market. But thanks to the technology at its heart, it learns from the people interacting with your ad, automatically adapting and adjusting your campaign to find more good matches.

Track your campaign.

Real-time analytics and performance data helps you follow your campaign across devices, from a simple dashboard. With more interest in your property, you stand a much better chance of achieving the right result.

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