Karen Bigay

Assistant Asset Manager

Karen is a highly skilled professional with over 10 years’ experience in property management and trust accounting. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of finance and the real estate market make her an invaluable asset to our team.

As a dedicated member of the Asset Management Department, Karen plays a vital role in providing our clients with a comprehensive trust account service.
In her position, Karen assists with monthly reporting for asset managers and owners, ensuring accurate and timely financial information. Her attention to detail and thorough approach guarantee that reports are presented in a clear and organised manner, providing valuable insights to our clients.

Karen is also responsible for overseeing the accounts payable and receivable process, ensuring efficient management of financial transactions within the trust accounting software. Her expertise in financial administration enables her to maintain accurate records and handle financial obligations effectively.

Additionally, Karen provides invaluable support to the Trust Accounts Manager, assisting in a wide range of responsibilities. Her knowledge and experience in trust accounting contribute to the seamless operation of our financial processes and systems.

Karen holds a Degree in Commerce, which has provided her with a strong foundation in finance and business principles. She also possesses a Class 1 Real Estate Licence, further enhancing her expertise in the real estate industry.
With her skillset, dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional service,

Karen consistently contributes to the success of our team. Her strong understanding of finance and real estate, coupled with her meticulous approach, ensures that our clients receive a comprehensive trust account service that meets their needs.

We are proud to have Karen as part of our team and her contributions greatly enhance our ability to provide exceptional service and financial management to our clients.