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Overview of Raine & Horne Commercial

Raine & Horne Commercial was launched in 1984 to solely concentrate on the fields of commercial, industrial, retail and specialist properties. The Raine & Horne Commercial network now boasts an Australia-wide coverage, evidence of our growth in this highly competitive marketplace. Our worldwide presence provides an invaluable source of local demographic and market information.

The concept of the family company (four generations) is never overlooked and is the difference which has strongly branded Raine & Horne Commercial in the marketplace. The Raine & Horne Commercial story is inextricably linked to the growth and progress of Australia’s real estate industry. Our ability to expand in a variety of economic conditions over ensuing decades has kept us at the industry’s forefront.

The benefits of entrusting your property requirements to Raine & Horne Commercial are equally applicable to large and small companies, national and multi-national corporations, local, state and federal governments.

We are a full-service commercial real estate network that has experienced remarkable growth and sales fire power, underpinned by a commitment to the highest professional standards in all aspects of agency. Raine & Horne Commercial continues today to be a leader in the property industry.


The importance of sourcing the most suitable accommodation for office, industrial or retail premises cannot be underestimated. Raine & Horne Commercial’s leasing capabilities include exclusive leasing strategies, market rent estimates, property marketing and leasing of completed buildings.

Raine & Horne Commercial balances flexibility in lease terms and conditions with regard to investment performance, and the achievement of long term mutual benefit for lessor and lessee.


An asset manager’s primary concern is to ensure that the lessor’s interest in the property is protected and the building is maintained in a proper state of repair. This involves a balance between optimum return on investment and careful consideration to expenditure to protect the value of the property.

Given the expense, complexity and time-consuming nature of asset management services in-house, it makes commercial sense to entrust these tasks to a professional asset management company like Raine & Horne Commercial.


Raine & Horne Commercial’s expertise stems from vast experience in the marketing and sale of commercial office buildings, shopping centres, industrial property, retail investments, hotels, resorts, development sites and specialist properties.

Sale of property by auction has been the cornerstone of Raine & Horne Commercial. As the oldest form of selling real estate, auction is arguably the most effective. At auction, a property achieves both maximum exposure and price potential. The market freely determines the property’s true value and the auction process itself creates a sense of urgency and adds to heightened expectations. A concentrated marketing campaign focuses the attention of the market on the property for sale.

The involvement of Raine & Horne Commercial’s local, national and international network in the marketing campaign for appropriate properties provides an extra stimulus to the sales strategy.


Services – Team Expertise

One of the reasons why Raine & Horne Commercial is a success is because it employs the best people and it aligns itself with the best people and organisations internationally. All of our highly trained domestic and international experts have built on the family-oriented, personalised service synonymous with Raine & Horne Commercial.

Services – Online

An important component of Raine & Horne Commercial’s powerful marketing strength is the online service, which can reach vast potential buyer resources. Our industry-leading website , Raine & Horne Commercial online offers floor area and location searching ability, up to date images, information and interactive contact mechanisms.

Raine & Horne Commercial also offers great opportunities for investors. Lessors, managers and investment groups can access the full potential of local, national and international information on all types of property. Information about area, access routes and rates are all available from the Raine & Horne Commercial website, visit