Cody Edwards

Sales & Leasing Executive

Cody Edwards is a driven and adaptable professional with a robust background in sales and a passion for continuous learning. Known for his proactive approach and effective communication, Cody excels in fostering relationships and achieiving results as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Cody began building his expertise in customer service and sales transacting with Telstra, where he became a consistent leader in sales. Further honing his skills as a Sales Consultant at Gerald Slaven Ford, he further built his expertise in conducting effective negotiations, ensuring customer satisfaction and building strong client relationships through personalised attention. 

As General Manager of a leading retail environment, Cody managed a team of over 100 staff, introducing cost-effective systems to improve operations and excelling in managing competing priorities in a fast-paced environment. Cody's expertise in efficient communication, complex problem solving, customer acquisition, and computer literacy underscores his comprehensive skill set and dedication to excellence in the commercial sales and leasing industry.