Property Management Services

Our approach

At Raine & Horne Commercial, we understand the importance of taking a proactive approach to the ongoing management of our clients’ assets. Leveraging the strength and expertise of our national network, we employ best practice processes and market-leading technology to ensure nothing is missed when it comes to our clients’ important investments.

We’re always working to ensure the lessor’s interest in their property is protected, by maintaining the fabric of the property, enhancing the tenancy profile, and maximising overall capital value.

Because at Raine & Horne Commercial, we’re invested in your success!

Our focus

We work closely with property owners to get the most out of their investment, with a focus on: 

  • Actively reducing vacancy rates 
  • Minimising rental arrears 
  • Total management of outgoings and expenses 
  • Asset optimisation - Increasing the overall value of the asset 
  • Deep market knowledge of comparable properties & prices
  • Strategic advice on improvements, maintenance and upgrades to properties 
  • Continually striving to increase the value of our clients' overall investment portfolio 

Our extensive market knowledge of the local and national market allows us to maximise returns for our clients and optimise the value of their important assets. 

What we do as your managing agents

Our proactive management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Prompt rental collection
  • Collection of outgoings as per the lease when applicable
  • Negotiating market rents and/or new leases – ensuring minimal vacancies and maximising return on investments
  • Acting promptly to address any breach of the lease term and conditions
  • Providing monthly tax invoices to tenants
  • Acting on any arrears efficiently
  • Advising of and enforcing any increases in accordance with the lease
  • Acting promptly upon re-leasing of properties, minimising vacancy
  • Arranging lease documentation as required
  • Ensuring that the property’s common areas are being maintained
  • Directing transfers of funds to nominated bank account  
  • Conducting final inspections and allocating bonds/guarantees accordingly
  • Providing regular, clear and accurate reports including detailing goods & services taxes, both collected and paid
  • Payment of rates and/or insurances
  • Staying informed of changes to legislation that effect commercial leasing
  • Understanding property trends & market conditions
  • Utilising our industry-leading property management software program

Contact us today to discuss how you can maximise your returns with our proactive & personalised Property Management services.

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