Raine&Horne Commercial

Raine&Horne Commercial South Sydney/Marrickville - Specialists in the sale and lease of commercial, industrial, retail and specialist property. 

In 1978 Raine&Horne Marrickville began operating and over nearly three decades became one of Sydney’s leading agencies.

In 2005 Michael Smith, Luke Smith and Nicholas Smith made the decision to set up a specialist Commercial Property Agency. The establishment of Raine&Horne Commercial South Sydney/Marrickville enabled both expansion and a more skilled and nowledgeable team of consultants to assist our clients.




Our commitment is to achieving best possible outcomes for our clients. It is a not one but any number of factors that ensure both our agency and our clients reach our desired goals.

Effective communication, skilled negotiation, a comprehensive and well ulitised database, and a team of consultants each with an in depth knowledgeable of the market place are part of what Raine&Horne Commercial bring to the table as your selling agents.



Raine&Horne Commercial have a long and proven track record of achieving optimal lease terms on behalf of our clients. With many number of terms and conditions to negotiate and consider our expertise here can play a great and positive role in the performance of your property investment.

Again our comprehensive database of Lessee’s, Advisors and Tenant Representatives is a key advantage we can provide.


Property Management

Optimising investment returns with regard to the landlord’s strategy for their property asset is our aim.

There are many aspects to our role as your managing agent including Rental maximization, lease administration, arrears control, preventative service and maintenance, tenant retention, acting upon option leases, and acting promptly to re-lease property once aware of imminent vacancy.