Susanne Tanti

Full Name Susanne Tanti
Raine & Horne Office Wayville
Title / Position Accountant
E-mail [email protected]
Mobile 0439895128
Describe yourself in 3 words friendly, happy, approachable
What are your current job responsibilities & duties? Day to day accounting operations
What are your areas of expertise? Accounting
What are you most recent / greatest awards? Just became a foster parent
When did you start working in the industry? 10 years ago
When you are not working what do you like to do? Swim, read, cook, spend time with family and friends
Where were you previous job positions? Carrington Conveyancers
Are you associated with any professional associations or charity organisations? I am a Chartered Accountant
Where did you grow up & who are your family? I grew up in Adelaide and spent a lot of time in the Northern Territory
Do you have favourite hobbies? Cooking, travelling
Where did you complete your schooling? Adelaide
What further training have you had since then? Bachelor of Commerce
Chartered Accountant
Masters of Teaching
Why should clients pick you over someone else in your role?  
Anything else your clients should know about you / you want to tell your clients?