Building a better management rights business with Raine & Horne Onsite Sales

Why Raine & Horne?

Magament Rights AmpersandOver the years the management rights have been through many changes and have grown into a successful industry in servicing both the investor and their tenants. Because of market trends and increased competition it has become essential to adopt new strategies to protect your investment and improve your business growth.

Through Raine & Horne Onsite Sales, an Onsite Manager can have the best of both worlds. The Team at Raine & Horne Onsite Sales understand that sales are not the primary function of your business, and the risks associated with leaving this function to the general brokerages. Raine & Horne Onsite Sales have developed this unique real estate franchise to give you some real opportunities.

Raine Horne offer an edge over your competitor’s that your owners will recognise, securing your clientele and allowing you to take charge of your business. With the necessary tools and state of the art technology you’ll be able to minimise your businesses exposure and manage your time more effectively.

The Tools & Technology Raine & Horne Onsite Sales can offer will give you the ability to offer the highest level of service to your owners that would ordinarily be out of reach for most businesses. Being part of a larger network opens many doors.

Magament Rights doorRaine & Horne have over 130 years experience in the real estate industry and can offer a variety of skills and tools that enable you to present yourself in a professional manner that will impress your owners.

As a group of onsite managers we have greater access to a larger number of targeted investors than your local brokerages. You also have a superior knowledge of your product compared with your local brokerages. Combine this with the experience and size of Raine & Horne and we become a very formidable opponent in the local market.

As emerging trends for higher density living continues to grow, a specialised franchise that offers a service directed towards this market is imperative. Raine & Horne Onsite Sales want to drive these changes in our market – not be driven by them.

What are the risks and how can Raine & Horne Help?

Magament Rights piggy bankActing as the investor’s property agent you expose yourself and your business to some inherent risks. With a plan to manage these risks you will find that your business will perform to the level that is acceptable to you and your investors. At Raine & Horne Onsite Sales we will work together with you to help with your plan to develop a better business.

Investing in your abilities

Magament Rights In the real estate industry, property and sales agents invest a lot of time in their skills to deliver a quality service to their clients. As management rights are a part of this industry, the onsite manager needs to deliver a better service than other agents to keep their competitive edge.

At Raine & Horne Onsite sales we can offer you a variety of training to give you that competitive edge. The training includes:

  • Class room training & workshops
  • Online training and more…

Your clients expect certain skill levels in order to manage their property investments and protect them from litigation. This can only be achieved by having the essential knowledge and training.


Magament Rights Raine & Horne BrandWith our competition becoming unrelenting in the pursuit for a greater market share, it is all too important to be more professional and better recognised than our competitors. To maintain that competitive edge you need to have a great service and a name your clients can trust. This is where Raine & Horne Onsite Sales can help. Raine & Horne is the most recognised Australian real estate brand and have become a trusted name in the real estate industry.

It is this trust and experience that will preserve the competitive edge and appeal to your clients.

Risk to your rent roll

There are a number of things that can influence the rent roll:

  • Your current investors wanting to sell
  • Owner occupiers wanting to sell,
  • Investors/outside agents wanting to manage the property
  • Lack of exposure in finding quality tenants.

Raine & Horne Onsite Sales can help you with your strategies to help maintain the rent roll through brand recognition, quality training and support, marketing & internet strategies.Magament Rights