Marketing your Property

Digital Marketing - Amplify

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In choosing the agent to conduct the marketing and sale for you, your decision should not be based on the highest estimate of sale price or lowest advertising budget but rather on the agent who has the experience and expertise to promote the property in every way possible and to the widest market in order to obtain the very highest price on today’s market.

Just as even the most skilful builder realises that his work would be doomed to failure without a blueprint so too the enthusiastic marketer requires clearly defined marketing programme to ensure the success of his task. Raine & Horne (name) have a clear marketing strategy, the primary goal and how to achieve it as shown under the following headings.

The Raine & Horne Commercial marketing strategy for the property involves a number of elements to ensure it is “rolled out” to the marketplace in a professional manner.

The advertising and promotion of this unique and highly specialised property require a balance between display media nationally, direct mail within Australia and throughout our Network, and telemarketing to a highly targeted group of major corporations who we consider could have an interest in the facility.


Subject to your approval, we recommend that one ………… signboard be erected in front of the property. This signboard will identify the property to adjoining owners and interested parties making their own kerbside inspections.

Display Media

In order to provide appropriate media coverage, we propose that display advertising be included in the …………………………………

For the ………………….. component of the display media, we recommend a ……. cm x …… column layout with at least two or three appearances in each of the publications over a six-week marketing period.

A summary of our proposed schedule and costing is shown on the following page (a full media schedule is included in the annexure).

Direct Mail

Our data is gathered directly from the field and enhanced with additional research information from a variety of resource databases and direct marketing activities.

Our database is maintained in-house and contains personal details of key property decision makers and corporate profile information such as type of business, size, staff member, annual turnover and industry codes. We will review our database and identify those companies, major corporations and all …………….. groups together with various consultants and major investment groups that should be informed that the property is for sale. This broad target group would ensure that the property is given the widest exposure within the marketplace. We anticipate a yield up to ……. Companies.

Direct Mail Campaign

Our Ebrochure will include a quality marketing and information outlining the benefits of the property.

Marketing Brochure

We recommend a high quality, distinctive marketing brochure be prepared for distribution to our selected target market and for wider distribution throughout the ……………………..

The brochure would be a four-page high gloss/A4 size/in full colour, incorporating aerial and ground photographs, a site plan and location map. We envisage the production of ………brochures.


As part of our integrated marketing approach, the call centre would telemarked companies identified as having a strong potential interest in the property such as those involved in the personal care products industry, food and beverage industry and other manufacturers. The telemarketing campaign will add value to the direct mail campaign by increasing prospect awareness of the property.

Telemarketing is the most cost-efficient direct marketing medium available and telemarketing allows for more direct contact with the marketplace and valuable campaign feedback. The telemarketing teamis trained to get through to the corporate property decision maker and to confidently and competently seek their level of interest and response to the subject property.

Regular client reports of market feedback will be provided to you during the course of the campaign.

Property Reports

We have made an allowance of …….to ensure the professional production of a property report which will include colour photography and technical specifications.

Due Diligence Package

In order to professionally present the property to the marketplace, it is important that we provide complete details regarding all technical aspects relating to the property. This would include:

  • Environmental report
  • Details of trade waste system
  • Details of electrical supply
  • Details of air-conditioning plant
  • Details of site services
  • Building plans and specifications