Commerical Market Wrap Up


Investment Trends, Leased, SOLD & New to Market. 

Traditional blue-chip properties are attracting investment attention, especially with more and more foreign investors buying into the commercial market place. 

Areas like the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley have been some of the most sought after and in demand areas. This is a result of investors and business owners capitalising on the coastal lifestyle, whilst maintaining ease of a commute by migrating business north of Sydney. Although many people still live and work in Sydney.

Investors and owners are chasing a change, whether it be to get away from the hustle and bustle if the city or relocate their business and lifestyle all together.

An influx of buyers are purchasing commercial property and particularly taking advantage of buying off the plan. There are many benefits to this method, including:

  • Long term leases
  • Higher rental returns
  • 'Lock in Price' - you lock in your price and if the property market grows in value, your property goes up in value
  • Deposit held in trust which can be invested
  • Its NEW!


“Buying in today’s dollar but getting tomorrows value. As the market appreciates, you have purchased well”

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