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Logan Commercial / Industrial Precinct
Logan Commercial / Industrial Precinct

(Browns Plains, Crestmead, Hillcrest, Parkinson, Underwood, Kingston, Woodridge, Slacks Creek, Springwood, Loganholme, Meadowbrook, Shailer Park)

The Logan commercial area is located between Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast, with all but one of the above-listed suburbs lying in the Logan City local government area. It is ideally located, enjoying easy access to the national highway and rail networks and thriving light industrial precincts at Marsden, Crestmead, Slacks Creek and Loganholme.

There are extensive industrial and commercial areas in the north and east of Woodridge, and west of Springwood and Daisy Hill, clustered in the triangle formed by Logan Road/Pacific Highway and Kingston Road, and extending west along Compton Road.

Several large, bulky goods retail chains including Ikea call this area home.

Logan has strong surrounding population growth and a mixed demographic workforce.

Business Benefits

  • Excellent highway infrastructure
  • The area is a gateway to Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • One of the largest growing regions in Australia
  • Several new commercial / industrial estates have opened up


Browns Plains – Just over 30 mins drive to Brisbane’s CBD along the Gateway Motorway and South East Freeway. Home to Grand Plaza Shopping Centre, with several major chains, 170 specialty stores large cinema complex, family restaurants and a petrol station.

Crestmead – About 27km from Brisbane’s CBD. Home to Crestmead Industrial Estate, a major mixed estate in a fully serviced industrial area designed to service the manufacturing industry. Extra-wide roads for easy access, all services, landscaped buffer zones, 24 hour usage subject to relevant environmental approvals, and large sites. Comprises light and heavy manufacturing businesses, appealing to those requiring larger sites for current or future purposes. Close proximity to Port of Brisbane, Brisbane Airport, and easily accessible via the Southern Brisbane Bypass.

Hillcrest – About 22km from Brisbane’s CBD. Home to more than 4600 people, major industry is manufacturing. A majority of workers are technicians and tradesmen. Hillcrest is on the doorstep of The Logan & Gateway Motorways via major arterial Beaudesert Road, providing direct access to the well established Southern Industrial corridor.

Parkinson – About 19km south of Brisbane’s CBD. Borders Logan City, sparsely populated with mainly rural land use. Close to the Logan Motorway.

Underwood – About 23km south of Brisbane’s CBD. The Underwood and Slacks Creek area offers a thriving commercial and retail business activity centre close to major road infrastructure routes including Compton Road, Logan Road and the Pacific Highway. Underwood features a mixed-use urban development area as well as retail, commerce and office establishments.

Kingston – About 28km south of Brisbane’s CBD. Predominantly residential with a low mix of commercial and retail areas. Home of the Kingston Butter Factory.

Woodridge – About 22km from Brisbane’s CBD. A mix of commercial, industrial and retail.

Slacks Creek – Almost 25km south of Brisbane’s CBD. Slacks Creek Business Area spans the Pacific Highway comprising the renowned Moss Street precinct. Extends to Logan/Brisbane city border on Logan Road, along the Pacific Highway as far south as Paradise Road. Includes retail, service and light industrial businesses. Key strengths include the location along the Brisbane/Gold Coast corridor, diversity of businesses, affordable business premises. A well known, well established business area recognized as an industrial/commercial area of importance.

Springwood – About 21km south of Brisbane’s CBD. Significant activity centre, with a major bus station, two hotels, 24-hour fast food outlet, three shopping malls. Home to the Springwood Ikea Mega Centre. Most commercial activity is centred on the ‘town centre’ in the suburb’s north-west, along the Pacific Motorway. Increasing commercial development is also occurring in the south-eastern parts of Springwood, an area unofficially known as Chatswood Hills.

Loganholme – About 33km south of Brisbane’s CBD. Rapid growth, proximity to both Brisbane and the Gold Coast is driving economic and population growth. The Logan Hyperdome complex is one of the larger shopping centres in Australia.

Meadowbrook –About 27km south of Brisbane’s CBD. Meadowbrook/Loganlea Business Area is essentially an industrial estate but includes education (Griffith University, Logan campus), leisure (Loganlea Golf Course) and entertainment facilities. Ideally placed, offering easy access to major arterial roads to the north, south and west via the Logan Motorway.

Shailer Park – Almost 27km from Brisbane’s CBD. Popular suburb mainly comprising middle class residential areas. Also a major centre for employment, entertainment, and leisure. Government-listed as a major activity centre in QLD’s south east, meaning it’s an important area for business, services, retail functions, cultural and entertainment facilities. Part of the regional public transport network. The bus station is called the Loganholme Bus Station.