Commercial & Industrial Property Management

How can Property Management Benefit YOU?

Our Asset Managers understand the complex relationships involved in the Commercial / Retail / Industrial sector, we know how to navigate hurdles and best manage the property.

The Management of commercial and industrial property is a specialist operation that requires a number of specific disciplines to ensure that your property not only performs effectively in its role as an investment  tool but also that potential risks associated with the ownership of a commercial property are averted.

At Raine & Horne Commercial we have seasoned Asset Mangers who are aware of the pit falls and strive to ensure that these are avoided so that you reap the full benefits from your investment whilst allowing you to concentrate your energies on those areas that you choose.

Our service may be summarised as follows;

Financial Management

Raine & Horne operates MRI software a specialist market leading  integrated  management and accounting  tool that ensure the integrity of reporting for effective financial, tax  and  budgeting purposes.


Raine & Horne issue ATO  approved Tax Invoices to your tenant(s) and understand that the cash flow associated with rental income is a critical component of our service.

We have strict procedures in place to ensure that payments are received in a timely manner and that problems are identified early and either resolved swiftly or brought to your attention.

Funds may be remitted to your nominated account at the earliest opportunity as Raine & Horne is one of the few companies that offers remittances regularly during the month to assist with cash flow.

A detailed statement will be provided at the end of each month with the financial activity for that period.


Raine & Horne will arrange for all expense invoices associated with the property to be delivered to our offices and settled from rental funds received.

At the end of each month a detailed statement will be provided with copies of invoices.

Cash or accrual requirements can be accommodated.

Lease Administration

The fundamental terms for the effective management of a property are encompassed within the lease document.  Our team are skilled in the interpretation and administration of these documents to ensure that the terms of the agreement are adhered to.  Areas that we would typically act upon are:

  • Rental reviews ( fixed, CPI or market)
  • Exercise of option periods
  • Time of essence provisions
  • Repair & maintenance requirements
  • Outgoings and associated reconciliations
  • Maintenance of tenant insurances
  • Maintenance of Security Deposit or Bank Guarantees
  • Redecoration provisions
  • Fit out requirements
  • Make good requirements
  • Sublease or assignment provisions
  • Recovery provisions

Risk Mitigation

Unfortunately there are a number of substantial risks associated with the ownership of a commercial property and in your role as an owner.  Raine & Horne Commercial seek to mitigate this in their role as professional Asset Managers acting upon your behalf.  Areas that we would seek to address in relation to these risks would typically include;

  • Asbestos management
  • Fire and evacuation provisions
  • Retail lease obligations
  • Occupation health and safety requirements
  • Contractor insurance requirements
  • Risks identification
  • Fulfilment of Statutory obligations
  • Hazardous material identification
  • Entry and exit inspections


At Raine & Horne Commercial we understand that relationships are one of the key factors to the successful management of your investment.  To ensure this, a dedicated Asset Manager will be nominated to service your investment and develop a relationship with your tenant(s).

This nomination is carefully considered based on the specific requirements of each property and the skill set needed to best achieve the desired results.  The arrangement allows us to provide a continuity of service to all parties whilst providing a gateway of information on matters that may affect your investment in the future.

We have found this system particularly successful in the control of arrears, identifying problems early and also by providing insight into future opportunities surrounding your investment and the tenant(s) that occupy it.





Why Raine & Horne Commercial?

Our full-service commercial real estate network can provide in-depth knowledge of local and regional property markets, with insight and understanding that comes from being a part of a long-established national and international property group. Committed to personalised service and achieving unsurpassed results, our clients continue to benefit from our network strength, which allows substantial cross-flow of international referral, advice and investment.

The Raine & Horne Commercial network is comprised of 100% owner-managed offices and includes numerous industry leaders and award winners. We employ agents who are empowered, encouraged to share and who maintain first rate communication to deliver the best possible outcome with every transaction. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of local and national trends and developments in the property industry, resulting in consistently cutting-edge services and holistic solutions for our clients.

Our industry experts embody and respect the family-oriented values synonymous with the Raine & Horne Commercial brand, allowing us to provide a complete range of professional services for all aspects of commercial, industrial, retail sales, leasing and specialist properties.