Our Agency Policy

To deal fairly with Buyers and Sellers.

  • To make available if requested by Lessor/Lessee copies of the Government handbook which advises on obligations by both parties in respect to Commercial Leases.
  • To submit all offers received to Sellers in writing and advise any pending verbal interest to Sellers, that might be close to being in writing so that the Seller has all current possibilities for consideration.
  • In a “Hot”  market Buyers should be aware that often two or more offers can come from the market place at the one time.  In other instances, such as during      protracted negotiations, the Seller will often verbally agree to the terms and conditions - BUT - Buyers be aware that if a better offer is submitted to the Seller  before a contract is physically signed by the Seller, the Seller is free to sign the better offer.  If, as a Buyer, you do not want to miss a particular buying opportunity we strongly suggest that you put your best offer to the Seller in the first instance.
  • To have on hand a signed Authority to Act from the Seller before commencing the selling process on any new listings.
  • To make available a copy of our Privacy Policy     whenever requested.
  • We take our Client/Customer Service obligations  seriously.  If for any reason you believe your property needs could have been handled better, we would     welcome your communication early so that the issues may be addressed quickly and matters resolved.  In most cases a phone call to the company employee  assisting you or to the employees Manager should   resolve the matter.  The Company’s Management may request, where the issues are serious, that you put your concerns in  writing so that the issue raised can be looked into and a formal written response to your  concerns is forwarded to you.


Keep in Mind

Please keep in mind that we act as a facilitator between Buyers and Sellers and many issues arise from the third party (Buyer or Seller) relating to negotiations.  You can appreciate that we have no control over third party actions.  We can only be expected to be accountable for the actions of our employees.

Our Privacy Policy

In Brief– we collect personal information either directly from relevant individuals, public data bases or indirectly from third parties.  We collect personal information to the extent that we are able to communicate by phone, fax, email and post to individuals who have in the past or will in the future enquire about their Commercial Property needs.

We also communicate with Commercial Property Owners, Commercial Property Tenants and Business Owners about Commercial Property opportunities that may be of interest to them.

We do not disclose personal information to any third party, except were written consent is given (e.g. Business reference to obtain a lease).  If an individual does not wish to receive information from us they can opt out by advising us in writing. 

Limited personal information about our Managed Property Tenants may be passed onto third parties (e.g.. Tradespeople to effect repairs to the Owner’s Property).  The information given would include the Tenant’s name and contact number for the purpose of making mutually suitable arrangements to access the property to carry out the necessary repairs or maintenance.

A copy of Our Company Privacy Policy is available on request..