Asset Management

Raine & Horne Commercial agents are experienced asset managers, and we understand the complex relationships involved in the commercial sector. 

We’re always working to ensure the lessor’s interest in their property is protected, including taking care of important jobs like maintaining the fabric of the building, enhancing the tenancy profile and maximizing capital value. 

We pride ourselves on “proactive asset management” – utilising our knowledge, experience and skills to boost your property’s overall performance and income streams. 

This may take many forms including energy and lighting assessments, reconciliation of outgoings, renegotiation of competitive service contracts, internal relocation of incumbent tenants to create larger contiguous space opportunities, through to recognising and capturing revenues from signage rights, mobile phone antennae and other sources of income.

Know Your Numbers

By taking advantage of the Raine & Horne ‘one-stop-shop’, you can let us take all the hard work out of selecting the right loan product with the right lender. Your time can be spent on other important areas of your real estate transaction.

Check out our range of handy calculators and get to know your numbers today.

What Can I Afford To Borrow?

Calculate your borrowing power before you purchase.

How Long To Repay?

Set the amount you'd like to pay per period and calculate how long it takes to pay off your loan.

Calculate Your Budget

Total up your incomings and outgoings to see where your finances stand.

Income Tax

Work out your basic tax payable estimates.

Lease Payments

Calculate your lease payments over time.

Why Raine & Horne Commercial?

Raine & Horne Commercial knows local and regional property markets intimately, with the support and systems of a long-established national and international property group. Our clients benefit from our network strength, which allows substantial cross-flow of international referral, advice and investment.