Method of Sale


Auctions are a fantastic way to put the 'spotlight' on your property. They create a competitive buying environment to help achieve the highest price possible in the shortest time frame. Selling under auction conditions gives you an opportunity to receive unconditional offers. They ensure professional presentation of your property within a corporate environment setting. There is also the benefit of “Promotion without a price” - ensuring that we focus on selling the benefits and features of the property first. National promotion of your property cannot be underestimated. Regular, consistent communication and feedback throughout the marketing and selling process is guaranteed from your agent.


Private Treaty:

Through this method we can set an asking sale price and start marketing the property immediately giving us an opportunity to gauge the market and locate potential interested parties. This allows a longer period within which to market the property and negotiate with prospective purchasers.


Expressions of Interest (EOI):

The benefit of this is that the deadline creates a sense of urgency & generally causes prospective purchasers to put their best price forward, not knowing what other parties have put forward. If the property is not sold, the sales campaign can be continued by way of Private Treaty. Note: An EOI is not legally binding and negotiations can continue past the closing date.



There is generally no advertised asking price when a property is for sale by tender. Buyers are asked to confidentially put in writing their offer by a fixed date accompanied with a 10% deposit. Unlike a public auction, potential buyers are not aware of the other bids. Tender is legally binding thereby securing a sale.


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